Unleash creative possibilities with our design services + 3D training.

K. Nofal Design offers Graphic Design Services, custom type fonts and web media advertising
Need high-end visualizations, brochures, banner designs or graphic design promo material?
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3D Modeling 3D Printing
K. Nofal Design provides professional 3D modeling and consulting services.
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Twitter design 3D tutorial
K. Nofal prioritizes research and education in the workplace. At K. Nofal Design we seek to develop state-of-the-art design tutorials to enhance the effectiveness of your employees and brand.
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Why choose K. Nofal Design?

Expert 3D Modeler

Our commitment to excellence and out-of-the-box design thinking confront the challenges of building contemporary product designs, eclectic furniture forms and unique architectural design structures.

Custom Graphic Design & Unique Brand Messaging

Want your company to stand out? Be creative and dazzle your clients with world-class visualizations - from graphic design, posters, custom logos & more!

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All Things Design Approach

We understand that you can't create a packaged product without thinking about the end goal. Therefore, our approach to design is more holistic. For us, design is full-service, full circle, and all-in-one. The various 'All Things Design' services we offer combine the fields of design (web, graphics, marketing, fabrication and 3D modeling) into a unified pursuit. Our design services and strategies ensure lasting results.

Why use our 3D Training?

Proven 3D CAD Modeling Training Record

Owner K. Nofal has multiple degrees in design plus holds a certificate in additive manufacturing, LEED accreditation, and other 3D software certifications. We are life-long learners and dedicated to providing the best education possible for your company, your brand and your employees.

Online and Local Florida Services

In the dynamic industry of design, architecture and manufacturing creativity, our design courses and consultations focus on a hybrid of software integration and coding strategies to simplify processes fast and easily. K. Nofal Design offers online training, local Florida seminars, future continuing education lessons in addition to free online 3D modeling tutorials.

Integrative Education

It's not just one software! The best designer is one poised to think outside of ordinary yet still consider what's standard. Owner K. Nofal understands various software modeling tools and techniques. We teach courses involving Rhino, Maya, Mudbox, Sketchup and processes related to mold-making, jewelry design, furniture design, terrain modeling, architectural cities, 3D printing and GIS related software.