FREE CAD 3D Modeling for USA Non-Profits   

We offer FREE 3D Modeling for USA NonProfits

K. Nofal Design is a proud supporter of USA educational nonprofit organizations and institutions that provide scholarly STEM programs to benefit children and enrich student learning. 3D printing activities, youth coding classes, and teen art initiatives blend design and technology to promote student achievement and foster educational excellence. As a way to encourage future innovative STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) workshops geared to children and teens, we'll kindly donate our 3D modeling design services for USA registered non-profit organizations that provide student educational opportunities (K-12).

3D MODELING: K. Nofal understands that many non-profit organizations that teach 3D printing classes and house small-scale 3D printers (like makerspaces, educational funds, and libraries) do not internally hire certified software specialists or additive manufacturing professionals. Without an in-house professional 3D modeler or trainer, student programs and promotional products are limited to files downloaded online and introductory courses taught with non-commercial licensed software.

We want to help you succeed and boost 3D innovation to the future generation. At K. Nofal Design, we believe every nonprofit organization should be able to print logo-driven products for marketing, classroom teaching and as a source of revenue. If you are a registered non-profit group in the United States that offers local hands-on programs to benefit children and teen education, please send an email to request FREE 3D modeling of your logo design and promotional student products.

**Please do not submit more than two requests per year. One (1) request, for example, refers to one singular product (i.e. keychain). One (1) keychain 3D model file plus one (1) 3D print camp medal file illustrates an example of two (2) requests per year. We reserve the right to limit the amount of lifetime organization requests.

Process Requests: How It Works

Please submit your 3D modeling request online or from your registered nonprofit organization email account and include the following information:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Job Title
  • Non-Profit Organization Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone Number
  • Non-Profit Email Address (local and national if available)
  • Purpose of Request. Please describe what type of 3D model (logo keychain, child finger puppet, pen topper, summer camp medal, student trophy, book mark, accessories, etc) you'd like modeled to support your student educational activities. Include the size of the product and any dimensions if specific. NOTE: If the nonprofit organization (such as a library, makerspace, etc) is sponsoring a student art contest or invention fair with the intent to 3D print the final sketch or fabricate a small-scale prototype of the design, we require all contest promotions and marketing material mention K. Nofal Design, include a link to our website and our logo on printable advertisements as a contest sponsor.
  • Is this for an event or student summer camp program? Will there be a fee to purchase the products and if so, how much? Please include date of event and any additional information or website links regarding the student event.
  • Will the products be sold online or at a physical gift shop?
  • If available, please attach .png or .ai file of your logo (file size limit less than 5 MB) and sketch of design to be modeled (if detailed).
  • What 3D Printer will you print the files (type and model)? If known, please include the 3D printing slicing software, your typical modeling software, the 3D printer brand and model version. Although recommended, the non-profit organization is not required to 3D Print the requested file. The emailed 3D model format may be used for class teaching demonstrations.


After receipt of the emailed information listed above, please await a timely response to your request. Due to frequency and number of 3D modeling donation requests combined with our business hours, it takes around 10 days for us to respond. If you do not receive a response in 30 days, please submit an additional email without the attachment. Please NO phone calls.

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