About Our Studio

Studio Overview

We're not your typical design firm. K. Nofal Design forges a hands-on, out-of-the-box approach to the explorations of 'All Things Design'. Designing is a full-service process. We measure success on our ability to conceptualize and develop. The studio provides graphic design, web media, company branding, visualizations, marketing services and decor. The firm's philosophy of merging "all things design" is largely influenced by owner K. Nofal's interests in technology and innovation.
At K. Nofal Design, we are committed to bringing technology and 3D education research.

  • High Quality Standards
  • Interactive Learning
  • Professional Development
  • Design Specialization

Studio Mission

To offer design explorations across print, digital and fabrication media. We advocate for the future of technology, innovation, and education in design.

Studio Vision

Design is more than drawing; it's a product of intelligence, collaboration and vision to know the best results evolve. We aim to help clients achieve their highest levels of design creativity, be it with social media marketing, design branding, or simply cool graphics and content management.