Adobe Standards

    Every firm adopts standards for quality control and organization. In and effort to establish protocols and increase design efficiency, below are a few tutorials K. Nofal composed over the past decade that are standard practices employed at our studio. Here are some of our Adobe tips to improve your workflow, increase your performance and showcase your work. All these tutorials are introductory level and easy to accomplish.

Use Render Channels as Selection Mask Guides in Adobe Photoshop

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Render Channels as Selections in Photoshop

A computer digital rendering (assembled in V-Ray, MentalRay, Maxwell Studio and similar render engines) is composed of multiple elements and channels. Render channels are renderings divided into individual components parts such as alpha, diffuse color, material color, render color, etc. For compositing a final image, rendering with separate render channels gives maximum control for image editing applications. In Photoshop, individual render channels serve as separate layers to assist with color manipulations, ease of mask selections ...

Compile Jpegs into video with Adobe Premiere

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Compile a Video Sequence using JPGS in Adobe Premiere

If you typically export a rendering animation, walk-through or fly-by animation as single frames, this two-part tutorial demonstrates the process for compiling a series of jpg images and converting into video format using Adobe products. The first tutorial illustrates the procedures using (a) Adobe Premiere and the second part showcases the same process for developing a video from multiple images using (b) Adobe Photoshop software.…

Export from Rhino to Adobe Illustrator Best Process

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Exporting from Rhino to Adobe Illustrator

The export feature from Rhino to Adobe Illustrator is arguably one of the best kept secrets in the design world. If graphic design professionals knew about the strong correlation between Adobe and Rhino, Rhino would be a powerful companion to the creation process, especially for complex curve projects. In this design tutorial, discover expert recommendations of design standards for exporting from Rhino to Adobe Illustrator software applications...

Adobe Bridge HTML Web Gallery in Minutes

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How to Create a Standard Web Gallery Using Adobe Bridge in less than 10 Minutes

Are you in need of an html gallery presentation to send to a client? Have you tried Adobe Bridge? Adobe Bridge is an exceptional tool for creating quick online galleries, pdf contact sheets and organizing your work flow. Within 10 minutes you can generate a web photo gallery and thumbnail sheets for a blog, website or client presentation. Unfortunately, Adobe has discontinued the support of creating a web gallery beginning with the version 7.0 release of Bridge CC....