Request a Design Consultation:

For Your Company, Campaign or Design Project

Need a consultation about your design project or company organization? K. Nofal Design offers local and online design consultations about marketing ideas, 3D modeling, designer products, search engine optimization strategies (SEO), BIM management and many other business campaign solutions. We are experts in design-related fields and can provide a list of detailed suggestions and evaluations to improve your business, marketing, company workflow, design software budgeting commercial alternatives or design project file for manufacturing. We develop continuous learning strategies by combining technical challenges with problem solving initiatives. Enhance the effectiveness and improve daily processes by consulting with K. Nofal Design.

If you are getting started with a new project, need some ideas for managing your online promotions or just want to discuss in detail how to improve your business, we can help provide a solution. A local Florida consultation at our studio costs $99.95/hr. An online consultation costs $89.95/hr. Schedule a design consultation with us in Jacksonville or online via telephone or Skype. To request a consultation, please email us at Be sure to include as much information as possible related to the project, website or organization. Please describe the end goals, mission and what you intend to create, promote or design. It typically takes between 2-7 days for us to respond to the enquiry, so please be as detailed as possible.

Design Consultation Process


  • After receipt of email consultation request, K. Nofal will respond to the consultation request within 2-7 days. The email will explain how our brainstorming ideas, design knowledge, marketing promotions, search indexing and graphics can help you and your company succeed.
  • If you have an in-house marketing team but don't want to hire a full-time or part-time designer, using our consulting services will suite your company and long-term strategies. We won't recommend something you don't need or suggest ideas that won't suite your long-term goals. Your success is ours!
  • If you choose our consultation services, please pay via Paypal, Stripe, or Square.


    During the design consultation appointment, we'll provide information and research specifically geared to your purpose. Learn tips and tricks to improve your workforce, online traffic, product promotion and design modeling. Among some design concepts, we've researched best business marketing strategies, additive manufacturing ideas, ways to improve local web traffic and increase online exposure, best event promotion sites, why websites are ranked so poorly, and which project design software and marketing platforms will reduce your overhead costs. We continuously test market trends and know which online platforms work best for increasing your online exposure.

Learn ways to improve your design project, company performance and online effectiveness with our design consultation service.