Export from Maya to Rhino Best Process

Exporting from Autodesk Maya to Rhino

    Summary: Need to edit and optimize your Maya form in Rhino? This tutorial demonstrates our tips for best exporting procedures from Autodesk Maya to Rhino for editing and optimation. Export options as .IGES, .OBJ or .FBX.
    Software: Autodesk Maya, McNeel Rhino
    Options: Eport as obj, export as iges, export as fbx
    Level: Beginner    Tutorial by: 

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    Step 1: Under Construction

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    Step 2: Under Construction

Step 1:

Rhino geometry is typically NURBS-based; however, the software includes some excellent mesh editing tools to create water-tight geometry for 3D printing.

Step 2:
Step 3:
Step 4:
Step 5: Open the new 3DM Rhino file, Export as AI file with the preserving model scale option chosen

DEFINE YOUR WORKFLOW: Our apologies. This tutorial is currently under construction. Please return in March to view the finalized version.