Exporting GIS Data from OpenStreetMap and QGis for DXF DWG files

Export OpenStreetMap GIS data to DXF files for Rhino or CAD Software

    Summary:This tutorial will cover some basic techniques for exporting GIS data from OpenStreetMap and importing the vector line data into a 3D modeling software like Rhino, Autocad, Illustrator or Sketchup. Instead of opting to purchase a paid subscription of ArcGIS, you'll learn how to use the free opensource QGIS QuickOSM plugin to save the layers as esri shapefiles and extract as .dxf for editing. This method generates vector geometry and graphics to be used in Rhino or Grasshopper.
    Software: Rhino, OpenStreetMap, QGis, QGis plugin
    Commands: Export, change crs, Import
    Rhino Commands: GroundPlane, EarthAnchorPoint
    Level: Beginner    Tutorial by: 

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Learn how to model export GIS data for CAD drawing

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