Learn how to model a modern chair in Rhino

How to 3D Model a Modern Chair using Rhino

    Summary: There are many ways to model a chair in Rhino. This tutorial illustrates one approach to develop a modernist chair and the commands necessary to complete the task.
    Software: Rhino
    Commands: Pictureframe, Crv, Loft, Sweep2, Sweep, Mirror
    Level: Intermediate    Tutorial by:  


There are several ways to 3D model in Rhino. Each designer has his/her own command preferences and ways to design. In this tutorial, you will learn how to 3D model a modernist chair in Rhino. If you have any questions or prefer a different design method, do not hesitate to write your comments below. This tutorial was originally developed using Rhino 4 and updated.

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  • Design is more than drawing it is a product of collaboration

    Step 1: Under Construction

  • 3D modeling graphic design by K. Nofal Design

    Step 2: Under Construction

Learn how to model a modern chair in Rhino

Download Images + Open Rhino

After saving the two images above to your computer, open rhino and change to an appropriate scale (imperial or metric units)

Step 1: PictureFrame Command

Type the Rhino command Pictureframe to place the elevation and front profile images of a modern chair. Rhino newbies may typically place an image as a background reference directly within the viewport using the command ViewportProperties and setting one image as your wallpaper in one view and the other image in another view ). But this is unnecessary. Using the Pictureframe tool makes scaling and material transparency so much easier and simpler a proess. With the pictureframe tool, a planar surface is drawn with the image set as a rendered material. The PictureFrame tool alone is just one of the reasons I prefer Rhino over Autocad.

Learn how to model a modern chair in Rhino

Step 2: Scale Chair Images

Our apologies. This tutorial is currently under construction. Please return in March to view the finalized version