Maya Software

Maya software is a 3D computer graphics application with a powerful form-making capabilities. It is one of the top software programs for animators and contemporary designers and offers wide range of simulation and tools for digital animation production. Learn how to blend between objects, rig characters for movement, subdivide and generate high quality scenes and effects.

  • Great mesh editing tools for 3D printing
  • Excellent subdivision modeling tools
  • Blend between objects in 3D
  • Fast processing speeds
  • Gumball widget for easy modeling and scaling
  • Manipulating objects and parent-child character rigging
  • High quality shaders and simulation effects (particle/hair/fur/dynamics)
  • Freedom and creativity to design
  • Good integration among Autodesk products and render engines
  • Node Based system
  • Autodesk & Unity collaboration

The following could be improved upon (to be improved/TBI) in future versions:

  • Price (Maya Subscription Price vs. Maya LT Subscription Price)
  • Channel Box Scale, Accuracy and Precision
  • Evaluation modes, CPU/GPU performance with dense geometry
  • Autodesk Cloud A360 work flow services

Maya is available on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms

Maya is one of the best CG softwares for the game and movie industry. Many contemporary architects also use the software to quickly develop forms in space. The software offers stellar animation tools with a powerful system for architectural designs, product designs and sophisticated character molding. Simply pick a polygon, divide and start extruding in space.

Tips for exporting from Autodesk Maya to Rhino

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Export Tips from Maya to Rhino

Need to edit and optimize your Maya form in Rhino? This tutorial demonstrates our tips for best exporting procedures from Maya to Rhino. Rhino geometry is typically NURBS-based; however, the software includes some excellent mesh editing tools to create water-tight geometry for 3D printing. Export as .IGES, .OBJ or .FBX can…

FAQ Maya Autodesk Software Basics

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Intro to Maya: Frequently Asked Questions by Maya Novice Users

Learning the interface can be challenging for many newbies creating architectural design forms in Maya. There are a variety of techniques and features to explore. As an introduction to learning the software, we've gathered and answered some of the most commonly asked questions by students and designers learning 3D polygonal architectural modeling in Maya…