Rhino 3D software

McNeel's Rhinoceros is one of the most universal software programs for professional 3D modeling. The software is used in nearly every profession including architects, product designers, furniture designers, jewelry designers, and more. Plugins like Grasshopper, VisualARQ, V-Ray and Clayoo make it easily accessible and adaptable to develop and draw a wide range of ideas and components with technical precision and accuracy.

  • Great mesh editing tools for 3D printing
  • Excellent surface modeling tools
  • Range of curve types
  • Fast processing speeds
  • Gumball widget for easy modeling and scaling
  • Picture frame and BooleanCrv commands
  • Plethora of plugins
  • Precision and scale
  • Point control movement
  • Worksession Manager
  • Excellent integration (export/import options) among other software programs.
  • Use Linked Blocks for repeated reference instances to easily change style or fixture

The following could be improved upon (TBI) in future versions:

  • Print layouts (paper space vs. model-space) are better developed in Rhino for Windows vs. the Rhino for Mac.
  • Minimal sculpting tools
  • Editing Text in Rhino for Mac through the Object Properties tab.
  • Tolerance visualization errors prone to object modeling away from the World Origin
  • Work flow organization / Limited simultaneous file modification with other designers.
  • No predefined blocks included in the program (title-blocks, etc). There are some free layout support files available for download on the McNeel Rhino Wiki
  • Capability to extrude from a polygonal mesh face (this can cause nonmanifold geometry in Maya)

Rhino is available on both Windows and Mac platforms

Rhino 6 includes subdivision (subd) capabilities

Learn how to model a modern chair in Rhino

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How to 3D Model a Modern Chair in Rhino

There are many ways to model a chair in Rhino. This tutorial illustrates one approach to develop a modernist chair and the commands necessary to complete the task. First, open Rhino and change the scale units to imperial or metric. If you've drawn your concept or ...

Learn to animate camera along a path in Rhino

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Setup a Camera Path Animation in Rhinoceros

Animating a camera path in Rhinoceros is very quick and simple to achieve using the default setup animation toolbar. To add the necessary toolbars, either type 'Toolbar" in the Rhino command Line or Right-Click anywhere in the Rhino toolbar section…

Learn how texture map material mapping in Rhino

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Material Mapping Tips for Rhino

Material mapping can be a bit tricky in various software. When material mapping, there is usually an issue with the scale of the object and its relation to the map. This tutorial demonstrates some of the procedures to ...

3D Character Modeling in Rhino from 2D Sketch to 3D

04 ♘♘♘

Intro to Character Modeling in Rhino: From 2D Sketch to 3D Print

Rhino's wide range of curve tools, picture frame command, make2D, blend curve, project and curve boolean operations provide excellent tools for creating 2D and 3D graphic designs. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to import a 2D character sketch in Rhino, trace it, 3D model it for 3D printing purposes and learn best planning strategies to translate from 2D to 3D with figural modeling. This cute child-friendly book worm character is...